Why chip seal is the best option for your driveway


If you are considering installing a new driveway or redoing the existing one in a way that will keep the cost low using chip seal in Boerne TX, why don’t you consider a chip seal driveway? Does the name, ‘chip seal’ ring a bell?

Chip seal, also known as “asphalt surface treatment,” or “tar and chip,” is a cost-effective method of providing a new and robust surface driveway experience that will function for many years to come, with little or no maintenance costs. Once the construction is finished, it will provide a skid resistant and all-weather surface that creates a water-resistant layer.

Why Choose Chip Seal for Your Driveway

With a chip seal or tar and chip, your driveway will get a loose stone appearance composing of tiny stones. Using tar and chip will make the driveway to have a rough surface, which in turn, have some benefits.

For instance, apart from the beautiful design to your driveway, small leaks from oil can be covered up by the installed gravel, which is a less expensive surface compared to asphalt driveways and is more durable and stronger. A driveway made of chip seal is bound to last more than its blacktop equivalent, giving a feel and look of traditional gravel. If you have a natural landscape that’s breath-taking and appealing, tar and chip will bring your property much value.

What Else Is There to Enjoy from Using Chip Seal?

For homeowners who have taken it upon themselves or are planning to install chip seal Driveways, the followings are some added benefits of using this type of material:

How Do I Know I Am Getting the Best Option for My Money?

The above is one important question you may ask.

There are a lot of options available for you in paving your Driveway using chip seal in Boerne TX. If your interest is primarily centered on just making your driveway black without caring for quality or durability of the installation, you surely have more choices. But, if quality and durability is your objective, you will have fewer choices. It takes only tested and reliable companies like Cbrookspaving, with years of experience to deliver such kind of quality and longevity.

Again, you may be able to tell the quality of the final product just by looking at the seams and edges. Those are the places from where defects will likely occur, especially if the mix becomes colder.

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