Asphalt Resurfacing and Overlays

Add valuable years to the life of your pavement, with asphalt resurfacing and overlays. If you find that your driveway or lot is starting to give way to nature’s elements, high traffic, or just general wear and tear, you might need a reliable paving company in Central Texas to fix the cracks and any major structural concerns you may have. Our quality staff knows what to look for and they possess the tools to get the job done correctly and quickly. We strengthen weak asphalt and virtually guarantee long-lasting protection. Extend your pavement’s life span, but also consider fixing it up a bit and giving your lot a makeover before it’s too late. You’ll be glad you did.

Asphalt resurfacing and overlays are great for saving your hard earned cash, because the maintenance costs in the long run could be catastrophic. Not to mention having to completely re-pave your property. Make sure your customers, family members, or friends are walking and safely by reducing the amount of weak pavement. You will ultimately reduce the chances for injury as well. Nobody wants that. C Brooks Paving is more than happy to be the sealcoating and paving company in Central Texas you can count on.

How we do it: For starters, our well trained staff will seek out and identify the weak areas of your asphalt. Taking careful notes, we examine your driveway or parking lot for any cracks or causes for concern regarding the structural integrity of your pavement.

The next thing we do is manage the transitions. By this, we mean the space where your pavement meets the sidewalk, curb, handicapped ramp, or any other construction. We then make sure that the area is ready to be given the extra layer of asphalt. Where another paving service in Central TX may not be as thorough, we strive. Our expert and hardworking staff know exactly what to do, and they are extremely efficient at it. Finally, the last layer of asphalt is going to be pressed down. Usually the layers of asphalt are around an inch and a half thick.

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