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Among our many services we are also a tar and chip contractors in Central TX. Tar and chip (or chip sealing, chip seal, or chip) is very durable and maintains an extremely sleek and clean look. A plethora of multi-colored rocks like white and pink rock, granite, slate, and brown and beige river rock are used to give your driveway a nice and rustic look. Perfect for those hot summer days, tar and chip doesn’t absorb the sun’s heat like black tops do, because of the light colored stones that are used. We use the perfect stones for our tar and chip in Central Texas.

Tar and chip has a rugged surface that allows for much more traction in rough elements; if the surface is slick from rain you can be assured that your car won’t slip and slide. This makes having a steep driveway a lot easier to handle in bad weather. Perfect for commercials roads, chips (or large rocks) create a super tough surface for heavier traffic flow. Chip Seals are suitable for all types of roads from rural to higher traffic volume roadways, so we are the ideal chip seal contractors in Central TX for your next project. Chip Seals may also be used on low-traffic, well-graded gravel roads as a first asphalted surface. Roads should be essentially sound and properly drained, and there should be no sign or sub-base movements or surface bleeding. Chip Seal in Central TX is the ideal treatment for aging good quality pavements you want to preserve. Chip Seal can also be used over interlayer installation for extended life of chip seals.

Tar and chip was actually the first method of paving roads and driving surfaces, because it doesn’t require sealcoating and it’s practically maintenance free. Depending on the amount of layers used, the shelf life of tar and chip can be much longer than any other method of paving. Any tar and chip contractors in Central Texas will tell you that tar and chip is just as strong and dependable as black top, making it ideal for saving money in the long run.

First, the gravel base is installed, followed by a layer of liquid asphalt. Afterwards, a coating of loose stones are rolled into the asphalt to form a finished surface. Tar and chip in Central Texas is our specialty, so let us take care of your needs today. Tar and chip can be applied over an already existing driveway and we strive every day to be the tar and chip service in Central TX to get it done right.

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