Preserving your pavement using chip seal

Preserving your pavement using chip seal

Preserving your pavement using chip seal


Pavement preservation is one important area of consideration for property owners and those who takes care of streets, parking lots, highways and all types of pavements you can think. The reason why this has become a major area of focus for estate management bodies is that most of what constitutes our pavements today is gradually deteriorating in quality due to constant traffic, variations in weather and the space of time.

The Need for Pavement Preservation

To say that the situation is a matter of urgency would be an understatement. According to statistics made available by the National Center for Pavements Preservation, the numbers of paved public roads in the United States is about 4 million miles, with an estimated value of $1.75 trillion. All of these roads and other pavements are invaluable investments and are critical for the movement of goods and people in an efficient manner that makes our daily and public lives easier.

As we can see, there is every reason to keep our pavements in perfect shape. Do you have an estate, a shopping mall or are you in charge of an institution, an amusement center or a public place of interest? You will need to get people and goods moving in and out efficiently, and the only way to do that is by keeping your roads and pavements preserved using chip seal.

What is Chip Seal?

Chip seal or tar and chip is the application of a special and durable protective wearing surface across an existing pavement. It is a process that involves spraying a binder on the pavement surface, and this is followed up by the pouring of what is called aggregate chips. After this, the pavement surface is rolled, and curing takes place between the binder and the aggregate. In the end, the pavement surface is swept clean to take out every loose aggregate. The use of chip seal in Kerrville TX for pavement repairs is quite extensive

What Pavements Does Condition Need Chip Sealing?

Do you have an asphalt pavement that is trying its best in holding up but look worn out? Are you seeing cracks and roughness appearing all over the pavement surface? If so, you will want to apply some surface treatment or seal to preserve and prolong the life of the pavement. This is exactly what chip sealing does for you.

Why Use Chip Sealing?

Research has shown that Chip Seal is one of the most cost-effective means of pavement preservation. It corrects your pavement surface defects while prolonging the structural lifespan of the pavement. It is the first method of paving roads and driving surfaces, which doesn’t demand seal-coating and is practically maintenance-free. The followings are some key reasons why using Chip Seal in preserving the pavement is very necessary:

  • Chip seal keeps water from penetrating the structure of the road on paved surfaces
  • It fills and seal up cracks and leveled surfaces of old pavements
  • To minimize the effect of aging by sealing up the pavement surface
  • To provide a more visible reflective surface for night drivers while also providing anti-glare surface condition during wet or raining weather.

Final thought

No doubt, pavement preservation using chip seal method is paramount, especially in the face of shrinking budgets. The act of focusing on preventive maintenance such as chip seals is a good way to improve performance while maintaining low cost. If you have any pavement task that needs attention, let our experts at Cbrooks Paving takes care of your needs today. We strive to be the best chip seal service company in Kerrville TX.

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