Five Advantages of Chip Seal Paving

Five Advantages of Chip Seal Paving

Five Advantages of Chip Seal Paving

If you are considering paving your driveway, you may be researching different materials that you can use.  There are a few common materials, such as asphalt and concrete, but there is also chip seal.  Chip seal paving is another popular way to boost the curb appeal of your home without paying the expense of gravel and asphalt.  Chip seal in Kerrville, TX is a great alternative to throw in the mix when you are considering paving materials.  Here are five advantages to chip seal paving that you need to consider.


Chip seal provides a unique alternative to many other common paving substances.  Many people choose to use concrete or asphalt, which provides a similar uniform look throughout.  However, chip seal paving is created from crushed stone which provides a variety of colors within the design.  It is both appealing and unique to look at, making it a great option to boost the curb appeal of your home.


One of the biggest advantages of choosing chip seal for your paving needs is that it is customizable.  You can choose the colors of stone that you want to use to match the exterior style of your home.  Many people love that if they prefer a certain aesthetic, they can get the chip seal to match their design.  There are many colors of stone to choose from, which makes chip seal a great option.

Maintenance Free

Another advantage of chip seal paving is that it requires almost no maintenance during its lifespan.  It does not require any sealing.  It also won't crack because of water damage, because the crushed stone has water removal properties.  It can, however, have track marks if you drag heavy machinery or equipment across it.  You need to take precautions when you choose chip seal paving for your driveway, but you won't have to worry about any extra maintenance.


Aside from gravel, chip seal is the cheapest option for driveway paving.  It is one way to get a smooth and sleek driveway design when you use chip seal as the main material.  Cheap sealing only costs about $5-7 per square foot, which is much more cost-effective than asphalt or concrete.

Easy to Install

Chip seal paving is extremely easy to install.  You can call the professionals from C Brooks Paving to come out and install your new and beautiful chip seal driveway.  Don't worry about any of the hassle of paving or sealing when you use our professional pavers to get your driveway in the best shape and improve the exterior look of your home.

These are five great advantages of using chip seal as the material for your driveway paving needs.  Contact our professionals in chip seal in Kerrville, TX to get started today.


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