Three Common Questions about Potholes on the Roads

Three Common Questions about Potholes on the Roads

Three Common Questions about Potholes on the Roads

Are you tired of driving down a road that is riddled by potholes?  Do you try to avoid driving over potholes when you can?  Potholes are some of the biggest complaint by many drivers, and they are often preventable with the right maintenance and care routine.  Despite the fact that many drivers hate potholes, they continue to inhibit our driving and cause frustration.  Our company that specializes in paving in Kerrville, TX will be able to repair issues with asphalt, pave new surfaces, and sealcoat your asphalt as well.  These will help to minimize the chances of potholes from developing on the roads.  There are a few common questions about potholes that cause issues on our roads.

How do you patch potholes?

Pothole repair mix comes in a variety of mixtures depending on the size and shape of the actual pothole.  The mixture used to repair the pothole makes a large difference in the aesthetic, quality, and durability of the repair.  We offer the highest quality asphalt mixes to repair potholes and perform other asphalt repairs.  This helps to ensure that the correct mix is used each time.  Our experts can inspect the potholes and determine exactly what type of mixture is needed to fill the pothole properly so that it lasts a long time.

How do you fix potholes in the road?

Because potholes in the road are the most frustrating to the community, fixing them is essential to keeping safe driving conditions.  First, the pothole is cleaned of any dirt or debris.  Without proper cleaning, the asphalt mix used to fix the pothole will be weakened.  After the pothole is cleaned, it is then heated.  This helps the new asphalt to stick to the existing pavement.  As we add the new asphalt mixture, we make sure to keep it hot and compacted.  This is essential for making sure that it reduces water entry and is resistance to the weight of traffic.  Once the pothole is filled, the new asphalt needs to properly cool.  This typically doesn't take a very long time.

Who fixes potholes?

When your community suffers from an abundance of potholes, you will want to speak with your municipality if they are shared roads or any local businesses if they are on private roads.  You want to be sure to hire companies that have a great reputation with previously satisfied customers.  Trust our quality paving in Kerrville, TX to fill any concerning potholes in your area.  We offer quick and reliable services to properly tend to your asphalt needs.

These are just a few of the frequently asked questions about potholes on Texas roads.  In order to stay safe, be aware of the road conditions and avoid potholes safely when you can.  If you are looking for experts in paving in Kerrville, TX, you'll want to trust the experts at C Brooks Paving.  We will come out to repair your roads, parking lots, or driveways anytime you notice cracks or potholes.  Contact us to hear about our paving services today.

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