What You Need to Know About Chip Seal Driveways

What You Need to Know About Chip Seal Driveways

What You Need to Know About Chip Seal Driveways

Is it time for you to pave your driveway?  Are you looking into the benefits of common paving materials?  When it comes time to pave your driveway, you want to consider the many benefits of chip seal driveways.  Many people are unaware of this material, because they only focus on asphalt and concrete.  However, chip seal driveways may even be the best choice for you.  Here are a few things you must know about chip seal driveways before you make a decision on what materials you'll use to pave your driveway.

What It Is

Chip seal is creating using a thin asphalt layer with crushed stone compacted on top.  More stones are them compacted on top, repeating this step for a while until there is a thick layer of crushed stone.  This results in a beautiful, clean driveway that also has a textured and unique appeal.  Many people like this option because the stone is customizable to your home's style and needs.  If you have a brown home, you can choose brown stones.  If you have a black home, you can choose black stones.  The options provide homeowners with the ability to choose, unlike other materials.  

How Long It Lasts

One of the drawbacks of using chip seal in Fredericsburge, TX is that the stones wear faster than other common road materials.  Chip seal typically lasts between 5 and 7 years but it doesn't require much maintenance to upkeep.  Even though this doesn't last as long as other materials, it is the easiest one to resurface.  This makes it worthwhile for homeowners to invest in it.

How Is It Maintained

Fortunately, chip seal driveways do not require much maintenance throughout its lifespan.  Other materials, like asphalt and concrete, may crack over time, but this will not happen to chip seal.  Also, it does not require routine sealing.  However, it may be easy to damage if heavy equipment is carried over it frequently.  This could cause tracks to embed in the crushed stone.  You'll want to be careful with your chip seal driveway.

How Much It Costs

Another great thing about chip seal in Fredericsburge, TX is that it's a cheap paving material that still looks great.  Gravel is the cheapest, but it doesn't provide an aesthetically pleasing driveway like chip seal does.  Typically, it will cost you around $5-7 per square foot of chip seal.  It is a great option for those looking to enhance the look of their driveway without paying for an expensive material.

These are three factors to consider when choosing which driveway paving material you want to use for you home.   You'll be able to enhance the look of your driveway without sacrificing quality or expense.  This is a great way to boost your curb appeal and make your home more functional.  If you are looking for quality chip seal paving services, contact us today to schedule an appointment or ask more questions.


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