What You Need to Know about Tar and Chip Seal in Kerrville, TX

What You Need to Know about Tar and Chip Seal in Kerrville, TX

What You Need to Know about Tar and Chip Seal in Kerrville, TX

Many homeowners and business owners will have to pave their driveways, parking lots, sidewalks, and other outdoor surfaces at some point.  This will lead them to question what type of material would be best suited for their needs and their budget.  Many people are familiar with asphalt, concrete, and pavers, but what about tar and chip seal?  These commonly used materials have become increasingly popular, as they have certain advantages that the other materials don't have.  Here's what you need to know about tar and chip seal in Kerrville, TX.

It Was the First Paving Method

Many people jump right to concrete or asphalt when they consider paving materials.  However, it is important to know that tar and chip seal was actually the first paving method out there.  Many roads were paved using this durable and reliable material before the other materials became popular.  Because it allows for more traction, it was perfect for early roads, and it still is today.

It is Customizable

Tar and chip seal are great options for those looking to add a design element to their hard surfaces.  Instead of choosing a bland colored concrete or the ever-present black top, you can have the chance to choose the colored stone that fits your landscaping when you use chip seal in Kerrville, TX.  Many homeowners love this option, as they are able to reflect the design they prefer and enhance their curb appeal.

It is Suitable for All Roads

Tar and chip seal can be used on any type of road or driveway.  It is particularly suitable for pavements that you want to preserve.  From rural to city roads, it provides traction and durability that will help it last.  Also, it is easy to maintain by simply adding more chip seal when it needs treated.  Chip seal is a treatment you can use on your roads to preserve the good quality underneath.  It is versatile for almost any hard surface.

It is Great for Warm Climates

Many people do not enjoy walking on a hot asphalt surface, because they can feel the heat emanating from it.  This causes discomfort.  With tar and chip seal, they won't have this issue.  Chip seal is great for warmer climates because it does not absorb the heat from the sun.  Because it uses a combination of light colored stones on the top, it actually will feel cooler than most black tops.

These are a few facts about tar and chip seal paving that can help you determine the best paving materials for your needs.  Whether you are looking for a functional road or driveway, or you are looking to add a design element to your home by having your surfaces paved, chip seal in Kerrville, TX is a great option for you.  Contact us to hear about our paving services today.

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