5 Safety Tips for Working with Asphalt

5 Safety Tips for Working with Asphalt

5 Safety Tips for Working with Asphalt

Working with asphalt can be hazardous, so most paving professionals recommend that homeowners hire an experienced contractor for paving in Fredericksburg, TX. Unfortunately, accidents and injuries can happen even among the most skilled and properly trained professional asphalt installers. Our paving experts offer the following tips to decrease the risk of injury when working with asphalt on your own.

Be observant.

When working with asphalt, there can be several potentially dangerous obstacles. Buried utility lines, trees, and power lines should be marked with saw horses or barrier tape so that anyone working with you is aware of their location and can steer clear from severe injuries and accidents.

Secure the area.

Securing your work area from passing people and cars is essential. When paving roads or parking lots, securing your worksite can be challenging, but keeping a driveway closed off is not as difficult. Always make sure that anyone working on the project is equipped with proper safety gear and use signs or barricades to make drivers aware of your work zone. If you are working at night, reflective vests and sufficient lighting are necessary. You can avoid injuries and accidents by keeping your work zone brightly lit.

Restrict your audience.

Big machines are a major attraction. Your friends and family will likely want to be spectators at some point during your paving project. Regrettably, the likelihood of injuries and accidents increases with every person you allow to be in the construction zone. Keep friends and family out of the immediate working area and always look around for pets and people before operating machinery, backing up, or turning.

Secure heavy machinery

There is a significant risk of rollover when loading and unloading heavy machinery. Always have a spotter ready to help you recognize any dangers or problems that may arise and ensure that everything is stable before you start. Staying centered on ramps is very important. Always use materials rated for the load size and weight of equipment when tying down heavy machinery.

Be careful getting on and off machinery.

The number one cause of injury for a heavy equipment operator is an accident getting on or off machinery. It is vital to wear high grip gloves and boots when using heavy equipment. Removing any mud from the equipment and ensuring you have a firm grip on your hand and footholds is extremely important. Use a step ladder for climbing on and off of machines. Use careful movements and never overreach to keep yourself as safe as possible.

Hiring a professional asphalt contractor is always the best bet when working with asphalt. However, serious accidents can still happen even when professionals are on the job. Therefore, it is critical to follow the safety suggestions above if you are serious about working with asphalt on your own to assure safety for yourself and others. It can be tempting to cut a few corners if you are short on time or low on cash, but doing the job haphazardly can be a profound safety risk.

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