Six Tips to Maintain Your Paved Parking Lot

Six Tips to Maintain Your Paved Parking Lot

Six Tips to Maintain Your Paved Parking Lot

Parking lot maintenance entails a variety of repairs and treatments aimed at extending the life of the pavement. Asphalt, which is utilized in 90% of all parking lots in the United States, is prone to weathering and degradation over time. Weather, the sun, oil and gas, wear and tear, water damage, and other elements contribute to parking lot asphalt degradation. That deterioration can make it both dangerous, visually unattractive, and lead to costly repairs in paving in Kerrville, TX.  Upkeep and maintenance are some of the best ways to avoid issues with your lot.  These are some of the maintenance tips you need to follow to keep up with your Texas parking lot.

Sweep and Clean the Asphalt Regularly

Never doubt the power of thorough cleaning! Making some effort to clean your asphalt pavement once a month is critical to extending the longevity and durability of your pavement structure. In addition, cleaning away surface debris, such as leaves and garbage, will keep your asphalt from becoming stained or damaged over time.

Remove Stains Quickly

Additionally, please pay close attention to any fuel or oil stains that can quickly degrade your asphalt pavement surface and try to clear them up as soon as possible.

Repair Cracks

Whenever you notice a crack in your parking lot, engage a professional paving contractor and have it sealed as quickly as possible. When not repaired, potholes and cracks allow water and dirt to enter the surface layer, risking the crack to becoming a pothole. On the other hand, rapidly sealing a breakage saves you money in the long run.  Besides, cracks make your parking lot look unappealing and overgrown. They also pose a safety danger to passersby. You would rather call for a professional to do more damage to your pavement.

Maintain Sufficient Draining

Drainage directly impacts your parking lot's lifespan; thus, it is your job to ensure that it is working appropriately. Standing water encourages moisture to penetrate the asphalt and accelerates rapid deterioration, but proper drainage allows the water to be effectively removed from your parking lot. If your drainage is not working properly, engage a paving contractor for repairs.

Sealcoat the Surface

Deterioration of asphalt is inevitable. However, it can be significantly slowed down. A sealer is a preventive treatment for asphalt or concrete. Sealers are known to keep salt, oil, and the weather from causing damage to your parking lot, thus allowing water to penetrate.   With the help of a paving contractor, a property owner can have their asphalt parking lot sealcoated between three and six months after installation and repeated every two to three years subsequently. Therefore, the use of a sealer should be a routine aspect of your parking lot maintenance.

Redecorate Your Parking Lot

The next best thing for your parking lot after a fresh seal coat is to restore its classic exterior charm. A property owner can accomplish this by restriping the parking lot. This fresh, sparkling appearance will make it easier for your clients and visitors to navigate your parking lot and, the use of the yellow paint will greatly boost visibility at night and increase their safety.

These are just a few of the ways that you can maintain your parking lot.  When you are concerned about the appearance or issues with your Texas parking lot, contact our professionals for paving in Kerrville, TX to hear how we can help you today.

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