3 Things to Know About Parking Lot Paving

3 Things to Know About Parking Lot Paving

3 Things to Know About Parking Lot Paving

Spring has arrived in Texas, making it the perfect time to consider paving your parking lot. There are plenty of details to be aware of before parking lot paving in Fredericksburg, TX, including materials, paving time, and machinery. If you are paving your parking area for the first time or are just planning to refresh your asphalt, follow these tips to get started.

Smooth pavement relies on proper paver setup

Most people do not realize that an essential element of great pavement comes from the machinery used to install it. If you neglect your asphalt equipment, it will compromise the asphalt quality. Therefore, inspecting paving machinery and components is essential before starting a paving project. Then make sure fluids are at adequate levels and start the machinery to ensure gauges are functioning correctly. That's not all, though. It is critical to periodically check machinery throughout the day and use a coating solution on all components exposed to asphalt during the project to keep the asphalt from accumulating on the metal.

Details matter

Like with paving machinery, details are essential for the parking lot paving process. For example, when you integrate old paving into your new pavement project, you will need to begin the process with precision saw cutting. For new installation, most people do not think much about the base of their pavement, but they should. Good asphalt pavement relies on a sound gravel base. You will also need to consider drainage if you want your paving to survive the weather elements. Asphalt drainage has two components-surface drainage and subgrade drainage. If you have optimal drainage on your surface but poor subgrade drainage, your paving will have just as much damage (maybe even more) than it would have without any drainage.

Maintain an optimal paver speed

This may seem like a basic detail, but it is essential to maintain a good, constant speed with your paving machine. It may not seem like it could make a significant difference, but erratic machine movement can create irregularities and ripples in your lot’s mat depth. These issues will compromise the structural integrity of your pavement and lead to more extensive paving maintenance costs than you may have experienced if the pavement was laid right. Therefore, for the best results possible, your pavement machine should proceed nonstop for the whole day until the job is complete to avoid the possibility of inconsistencies caused by starting and stopping your machinery. In addition, it will keep the paving project moving along efficiently.

Asphalt paving in Fredericksburg, TX, is not a simple job, but that does not mean you have to struggle to create a smooth, clean parking area. You should avoid wasting your time on a contractor who wastes your money. When you are ready to repave your parking lot, it is always best to leave the project to a professional. At C. Brooks Paving, we offer you the best asphalt paving, maintenance, and overlay services in the state of Texas. We are standing by to make your worn-out, cracked parking lot a distant memory. Don't wait if you need professional paving services, contact us today!

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