4 Types of Asphalt Repairs Best Left to the Pros

4 Types of Asphalt Repairs Best Left to the Pros

4 Types of Asphalt Repairs Best Left to the Pros

Have you noticed that your roadways are riddled with potholes? Are you concerned with the safety of pedestrians in your outdated asphalt parking lot? When you invest in asphalt, you also need to invest in maintenance to keep it in optimal condition. If you notice issues, like potholes, cracking, or pooling water, you may have a larger issue and need to rely on the professionals for repairs. These are a few asphalt repairs that are best left to the experts.

Pothole Patching

Patching is most commonly used when patching potholes in parking lots and roads, as the patching will prevent water from seeping into the layers. Once water enters the asphalt, it can cause extensive damage to the interior structure and weaken the pavement.

Patching is also commonly used on roadways to repair minor issues, especially if utility companies need to cut into a part of the road to perform inspections or other services. When a small area of the pavement needs to be fixed, contractors will perform this cost-effective repair to keep the asphalt safe from further damage.


When you notice that your asphalt surfaces are starting to look old, dull in color, or just become lackluster in appearance, it may be time for you to give the asphalt a facelift. This service is known as overlay. If only the surface of your asphalt is damaged, you can resurface it with overlay. This is basically a large patch job that covers the entire extent of your pavement, protecting it from any potential damage from aging and general wear and tear.

 Removal and Replacing

If the structural integrity of your pavement has been compromised, you may need to remove the surface and replace it with entirely new asphalt. Paving contractors will start by excavating the existing pavement, removing everything until the gravel layer is fully exposed. Then, we will pave a new layer of asphalt to replace the old one. Although this is the most expensive repair option, it gives you an entirely new surface to work with, which can save you from many maintenance jobs over time.

Sealcoating in Fredericksburg, TX

One of the most important ways to prevent damages to your asphalt is by routine sealcoating. Sealcoating services offer business and homeowners a chance to protect their asphalt, boost the appearance of their exterior, and also prolong the lifespan of the asphalt. This is a routine preventative maintenance job that you need to have performed at least once a year, or even more on surfaces with heavy traffic flow.

When you notice issues with your asphalt or you want to invest in preventative maintenance to keep your pavement looking great for longer, you should trust the pros. To hear more about our paving and sealcoating in Fredericksburg, TX, contact C Brooks Paving today!

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