5 Tips for Tar and Chip Seal Maintenance

5 Tips for Tar and Chip Seal Maintenance

5 Tips for Tar and Chip Seal Maintenance

If you expect something to last the test of time, you have to care for it. Your tar and chip seal in Bandera, TX, is no different. On average, tar and chip seal surfaces can last around seven years or more. However, if you mistreat your pavement or neglect essential maintenance, you may face untimely repaving or replacement. The ease of care may be why you chose tar and chip seal paving over traditional asphalt. While tar and chip seal paving does need less maintenance than blacktop surfaces, you must still be vigilant with its upkeep. Here are some tips for maintaining your tar and chip seal surfaces:

Allow the binder to set fully

You can avoid various future headaches and problems by ensuring that your tar and chip seal binder sets appropriately before allowing any traffic on the newly paved structure. For example, premature traffic on your new tar and chip seal surface can produce an excessive amount of loose stone or uneven areas.

Avoid hard braking and accelerating

While your control over hard braking and accelerating may be limited on a commercial parking lot or public road, you can easily monitor this activity on your residential driveway surface. Braking and accelerating can loosen surface stones, even launching them into the air and onto your lawn or other vehicles nearby. Therefore, do your best to accelerate and brake slowly and evenly to avoid unnecessary damage to your investment.

Sweep away loose rock frequently

One of the disadvantages of a tar and chip seal structure is that stones can become loose over time. While this is normal and expected, be aware of loose stone's damage potential to vehicles. This potential is especially problematic on public roads where cars travel at high speeds and parking lots with lots of congestion. Drivers can easily launch the loose rocks into windshields and vehicle exteriors. Sweep these loose stones away frequently to prevent potential damage.

Repair significant cracks and potholes

Unlike traditional asphalt paving, which requires frequent maintenance for potholes and cracks, tar and chip seal cracks are primarily self-healing. However, some situations require maintenance and repairs for more significant cracks or potholes that develop on the structure. In cases like this, you should use new, clean stones for repairs because liquid asphalt will not bond well with dirty, dusty, or old rock chips.

Wash your pavement regularly

When motor oil and other petroleum-based contaminants are introduced to tar and chip seal surfaces, they become more vulnerable to damage. Unfortunately, your paved surface will probably see a fair share of fluid leaks with vehicle use on your driveway or parking lot. This possibility makes it wise to wash your tar and chip seal paving regularly, depending on traffic exposure. Cleaning your pavement will ensure that these harmful elements are washed away before they lead to significant damage that will shorten your pavement's life.

Follow these tips to maintain your tar and chip seal in Bandera, TX. And contact us right away if you need tar and chip seal installation or repair. We have the experience and expertise to handle your paving needs.

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