6 Types of Asphalt Damage That Require Repair

6 Types of Asphalt Damage That Require Repair

6 Types of Asphalt Damage That Require Repair

Inspecting your asphalt on a routine basis will allow you to make necessary repairs to avoid any extensive damages. Over time, asphalt is exposed to chemicals, weather, and elements that can cause damages to the surface, which can make your surfaces hazardous to traffic or pedestrians. As experts in paving in Fredericksburg, TX, we are here to help make necessary repairs, starting with an inspection. These are some of the most common types of asphalt damages to look out for on your pavement.


Something to keep in mind when you have asphalt laid, it begins to oxidize to the air and sun immediately. These influences will break down the asphalt mixture binders down, when this happens, you will have hairline cracks that form. This may not seem like a major issue now, but over time, these cracks enlarge and become gaps and potholes.

Dulling Color

This isn't the only effect of oxidation; the visual representation of the asphalt is dulled. However, there is a simple solution/preventative for this. Having your driveway, parking lot, or any asphalt pavement professionally seal coated will brighten the black, fill the cracks, and protect it from dangerous oxidation. This is one of the asphalt repairs that you can do before there is real damage. It is a process that needs to be repeated every 4-5 years, depending on weather conditions.

Edge Cracking

When asphalt driveways are installed, if the crew that does it is not experienced, professional, or hardworking, they are sometimes installed without proper support for the edges. When this happens, over time, the edges will crack and crumble. This will lead to chunks falling off, cracks forming in patterns around the edges, and visual disgust.


Chemicals, oxidation, and general abuse of the pavement will cause it to deteriorate over time. Chemicals alone can soften and disintegrate your asphalt calling for immediate asphalt repairs. To prevent this, sealcoat and regularly clean your driveway.


One of the most common types of damages that require immediate attention are potholes. Potholes occur when cracks in your pavement make way for water to seep into the structure. Over time, this can erode the quality of your asphalt and cause the hole to become larger. When you notice potholes, you should talk to professional to get these issues repaired before the hole grows larger, as this causes both eyesores and hazards to your roadways.

Cracks and Ruts

Highly trafficked parking lots and roads can eventually lead to depressions in the pavement. These depressions can cause cracks or ruts that can pose hazards to those driving on your surfaces. When you notice these issues, you will want to have a profession come out to patch the issue as soon as possible. They will typically cut out the damaged asphalt, clear it out, and then repair the issue by pouring more asphalt into the hole. By taking care of this immediately, you prevent issues like crumbling or even larger depressions.

If you notice any of these issues on your asphalt surfaces, trust the experts in paving in Fredericksburg, TX to help make necessary repairs.

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