Five Main Asphalt Enemies

Five Main Asphalt Enemies

Five Main Asphalt Enemies

There are numerous elements that can influence the resilience and durability of your pavement. Our company and experts on sealcoating in Bandera, TX, proudly employ only the finest asphalt materials for paving projects. However, biological elements like moisture and sunlight can damage pavement over time. Here are some of the everyday asphalt enemies you will encounter:

Pooling Water

No matter what type of water (rainfall, sprinkler water, well water, etc.) makes contact with asphalt pavement, if it remains in pools on top of asphalt materials, it will cause damage. In addition, when there are gaps or divots in the pavement that make spots with standing water, the moisture will break down the chemicals in the pavement and force the asphalt to fatigue. Once the pavement weakens, it can worsen cracks or divots and facilitate potholes.

Heavy Automobiles

Have you ever driven on a roadway with a pattern of extensive divots? You're likely driving over a location that is frequented by eighteen-wheelers. Asphalt is developed to hold much weight but only to a certain threshold. When heavy automobiles drive over the same area of asphalt frequently, the weight forces the pavement to flex more than it should, eventually leading to ruts and crevasses.

UV Rays

UV rays destroy your skin and can also be detrimental to asphalt pavement. Areas of asphalt exposed to regular sunlight will become gray and age much quicker than places kept in the shade. In addition, when the sun's UV rays corrupt the tar in asphalt, they compel it to weaken and break down. When this occurs, there will need to be more tar added to keep the aggregate together, or you'll ultimately end up with only gravel.

Tree Roots

Tree roots are extremely powerful and occasionally grow up to 70 feet from the trunk to troll for water. If a passage of asphalt is close to a big tree, the roots may grow underneath the pavement. When this occurs, the roots can end up redirecting the pavement and making gaps or lumps in it.

Motor Oil

If you experience an oil leak in your automobile that you still need to fix, endeavor to avoid parking in the exact location every day on the asphalt pavement. When motor oil remains on top of the pavement, it infiltrates it and starts to break it down. As it deteriorates, it's more sensitive to damage and crumbling, which can lead to even more corrosion.

How to Prevent Deterioration

Our asphalt driveway paving company recommends sealcoating your pavement every 2 or 3 years to protect it from elements like standing water, UV rays, and motor oil. However, when it comes to heavy automobiles or tree roots, we advise selecting a reputable paving company that will pave your site in the best way imaginable to prevent future damage.

These are just some of the enemies of asphalt pavement. Call us right away if you need paving or sealcoating in Bandera, TX. We are here for your asphalt paving needs.

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