Seven Tips for Proper Parking Lot Maintenance

Seven Tips for Proper Parking Lot Maintenance

Seven Tips for Proper Parking Lot Maintenance

Our experts on sealcoating in Fredericksburg, TX, have witnessed their share of parking areas – from excellent-looking lots and those with minor problems to lots that need plenty of assistance. We know that your parking area is the first thing your guests see, and we suggest keeping it beautiful to make a lasting impression. In addition, here are a few tips for proper parking lot maintenance:

Be Aware of Cracking

If you discover minor gaps in your parking area (under 1/4″ wide), keep a close eye on them. Over time, harsh weather and automobile traffic might worsen cracks, and you'll need to repair them before they damage your customers' automobiles. So be sure to monitor existing gaps and check your parking lot for any newly developed ones.

Upgrade Parking Lot Lighting

If you lack a lighting system to illuminate your whole parking area, consider purchasing one. Parking lots are meant to feel safe to guests, and one that is well-lit will make your customers feel at ease. In addition, if you maintain a video surveillance system to watch over the lot, adequate lighting helps you see what happens in the area more clearly.

Sweep Your Lot Regularly

It's essential to keep your parking area clean to make a great impression on your clients and protect your asphalt pavement. Soil and debris can obstruct drainage and lead to pooling water, which can then cause extensive asphalt damage. In addition, routine cleaning helps you avoid expensive repair bills in the future.

Make Your Lot Handicap Accessible

Even though your company is open to everybody, some people might feel left out or discriminated against if they discover there's no manageable path for them to access your facility. Your lot should already include at least one accessible parking place (two if it contains more than 25 spaces; three if it has more than 50, etc.), but if it doesn't have a ramp leading to the entrance, you might want to contemplate establishing one to make your facility more inclusive.

Get Rid of Stains

Like pooling water, oil and other fluid spills in your parking area can break down your pavement and generate damage. Examine your parking area regularly and if you encounter any oil or fluid stains, remove them as fast as possible. If you are not confident cleaning the stains yourself, give us a call to service your lot today.

Sealcoat It

We recommend sealcoating your parking area every 2 or 3 years, depending on how much traffic it accumulates. Sealcoating your parking area fills in cracks, protects against natural elements, and gives your parking lot a beautiful, inviting appearance.

Repaint Parking Lot Stripes

If your parking lot striping is beginning to fade, it is essential to revive it with a fresh coat of paint to make your parking lot safer for customer parking. You'll also make an excellent impression on your guests with clear parking instructions and signage.

Use these tips for proper parking lot maintenance. Then, contact us for paving and sealcoating in Fredericksburg, TX. We are here for you!

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