Six Games Children Can Enjoy on Asphalt Surfaces

Six Games Children Can Enjoy on Asphalt Surfaces

Six Games Children Can Enjoy on Asphalt Surfaces

Children are constantly looking for enjoyable games to play outdoors. With summer in full swing, there are several games that youngsters can safely play on asphalt surfaces. Our experts on asphalt paving, repairs, and sealcoating in Bandera, TX, offer reliable asphalt care and restoration services, so you never have to stress about your driveway or parking lot being safe for your kids. Asphalt paving, if accomplished well, results in a smooth, rigid surface. It is a perfect playing field for an assortment of games.


This is a traditional game that children can enjoy on any surface. Sketch a hopscotch panel on the pavement with chalk and let your youngsters take turns bouncing through the squares. Nervous about chalk marks defiling your fresh asphalt surface? No worries! Our paving professionals can spread a sealant on your asphalt to shield it from stains and fading.


What's more fun than a round of soccer on a sunshiny day? Soccer is enjoyed everywhere, and it's ideal for asphalt surfaces. Just get your ball and some buddies or siblings. Keep a cautious watch on the weather, though. Call us to schedule a visit for asphalt maintenance if it looks like it may rain or snow. We're also delighted to supply sealcoating services to safeguard your pavement from the elements.

Capture the Flag

Here's another perfect game for asphalt surfaces. All you require is a flag and plenty of space. One team conceals the flag, and the other tries to seize it. If a player from a different team touches you while you have the banner, you must give it up. The game will finish once one squad captures the other's flag or time runs out.


Remember this thrilling game from when you were a child? It's just as enjoyable now as it was back then. One unfortunate individual becomes "it" and attempts to tag the other participants. If you're tagged, you become "it." The game is over when everybody has been tagged or the time ends.


Next on this list is dodgeball. It is a ton of fun and can be recreated with any amount of participants. Divide available players into two squads and stand at opposing ends of the play area. Pitch the ball at one of the participants on the opposing team, and they must dodge it. If they don't, they are out. Also, you are out if they catch the ball you throw at them. The final player standing is the winner. Be cautious of falling on the slick asphalt.


If your kids prefer a more peaceful game, marbles are ideal. You only need a few marbles and a flat surface to play on! That way, your children can appreciate the weather outdoors while recreating a game that doesn't cause too much racket. Just be mindful of the asphalt becoming too hot in immediate sunlight as it could lead to burns if your youngster is playing barefoot.


Asphalt is a secure surface to play on, and with suitable precautions in place, like sunblock, hydration, and safety gear, it can be plenty of delight for kids! In addition, we offer asphalt maintenance, repair, and sealcoating in Bandera, TX, to keep your pavement in immaculate condition all year long.

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