3 Tips for Asphalt Paving Success

3 Tips for Asphalt Paving Success

3 Tips for Asphalt Paving Success

Asphalt is a durable and versatile material that serves as a perfectly smooth surface between your home and the public street. Many property owners use asphalt pavement as their stage to showcase some of their most prized possessions: their vehicles. In addition, asphalt surfaces are great places for your children to play, and they boost your property’s curb appeal. Functional, attractive asphalt paving in Fredericksburg TX, starts with proper paving techniques. Then, you can achieve an optimal finished product by following a few expert tips:

Design elements

The start of any highly functional, aesthetically pleasing driveway is expert-quality design, starting at the base. First, you must construct your driveway on smooth, firm ground that is appropriately contoured to achieve the desired layout of your finished product. The underlying ground that an asphalt structure is built upon is called the sub-grade. Once your sub-grade has been appropriately prepared, you will place six to eight inches of granular stone on top. Next, hot mix asphalt will be applied over the stone layer. Experts recommend a minimum compacted thickness of two inches. Compacted thickness equals about three-quarters of the thickness of loosely applied hot mix asphalt materials for measurement purposes.

You will find that paving contractors usually quote pricing based on the compacted thickness of the pavement. This two-inch layer can be used for a base topped with an additional inch and a half layer experts call a surface course for improved durability. Water needs to drain off the asphalt surface away from buildings so that water never rests on the surface or edges of your pavement. Experts recommend a quarter-inch slope from the crown to the edge to facilitate drainage needs.

Quality materials

Contrary to popular belief, all hot asphalt mixes are not created equally. When paving asphalt surfaces, it is critical to use a product designed to meet your desired functionality. For example, if your driveway does not need to be exceptionally strong, you can use a Class one mix for the base course. You can then use a class 2 mix for the surface course, though many paving professionals prefer a driveway mix to achieve a refined finish. A reputable paving professional can help you determine the best product to use based on climate conditions, usage, and other conditions that may affect a product’s performance.

Expert construction

Choosing a reliable paving contractor will typically guarantee a high-quality finished product. In addition, the best contractors have well-trained teams, top-of-the-line equipment, and a commitment to only using materials that meet the highest quality standards. Experts suggest consulting only reliable contractors, shopping around for the best quotes, and getting plenty of references before choosing a contractor for your paving needs.

Follow these tips to get a functional and attractive new driveway that you can be proud to show your friends and family. And contact us today for asphalt paving in Fredericksburg TX. We have the experience and expertise to surpass your expectations with every service we complete. We want to be your paving contractors.

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