Can you chip seal over concrete?

Can you chip seal over concrete?

Can you chip seal over concrete?


Chip seal is a popular surfacing option used for various outdoor spaces such as roads, driveways, and parking lots. This cost-effective technique of surfacing involves the application of a layer of asphalt emulsion to the pavement and then coating it with a layer of small crushed stone or chips, which are then compacted to create a textured surface.

One question frequently asked when considering this technique is if you can chip seal over concrete surfaces. The answer is yes, you can. In this blog post, we will discuss why chip sealing over concrete can be beneficial and the key considerations to keep in mind.


1. Benefits of chip sealing over concrete

A significant advantage of chip sealing over concrete is that it provides a more durable and attractive surface. Over time, concrete surfaces can become rough, develop cracks or pits, which can be unsightly and may even lead to trips and falls. By chip sealing the concrete surface, you can give it a smooth and uniform texture, improving its overall aesthetic appeal.

2. Considerations before chip sealing over concrete

Before performing chip sealing over a concrete surface, certain factors must be considered. Firstly, the concrete surface needs to be in good condition. If there are any significant crumbles, cracks or potholes, these should be repaired beforehand. Also, the concrete should be clean and free of any dust or debris that may interfere with the adhesion of the asphalt emulsion.

3. The process of chip sealing over concrete

The process of chip sealing over concrete is similar to that used when chip sealing over asphalt surfaces. The concrete surface is first prepared by cleaning it thoroughly and repairing any defects. Next, an asphalt emulsion is applied to the surface using a spray asphalt distributor. Finally, a layer of chipped aggregate is spread over the asphalt emulsion, and the surface is compacted using a roller. The final result is a smooth and textured surface that is visually appealing and durable.

4. Maintenance for chip-sealed concrete surfaces

To ensure maximum longevity of your chip-sealed concrete surface, you need to maintain it regularly. It is important to keep the surface clean, regularly remove any built-up debris or vegetation, and make necessary repairs as soon as they arise. This will help to prevent further deterioration, keep the surface safe and attractive, and extend its overall life span.



In conclusion, if you're considering chip sealing over concrete surfaces, it's essential to understand the process and what to expect. Not only is chip sealing over concrete possible, but it can also be a cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing surface option. Keep in mind that the surface must be in good condition before the process can be carried out and that ongoing maintenance is critical to ensuring maximum longevity. If you need chip seal services in Kerrville, TX, please contact our team at C. Brooks Paving for a free estimate. We provide professional and reliable services that will exceed your expectations.

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