Understanding Why Driveways Crack and What You Can Do About It

Understanding Why Driveways Crack and What You Can Do About It

Understanding Why Driveways Crack and What You Can Do About It


Driveway cracks are an all-too-common sight for homeowners. While some cracking is unavoidable, understanding the causes of driveway cracks can help you take steps to prevent them from occurring in the first place. In this blog post, we'll explain why driveways crack and discuss chip seal services in Fredericksburg TX that can help protect your driveway from further damage.

The Causes of Driveway Cracks

Driveway cracks are caused by a number of factors, including improper installation, poor drainage, extreme weather conditions, and the age of the asphalt. Improper installation occurs when the ground is not properly prepared before asphalt is laid down. If there's too much or too little gravel or if it's not compacted correctly, it can cause gaps that will allow water to seep through and eventually lead to cracks. Poor drainage can also contribute to driveway cracking because standing water can erode away at the base of the asphalt or freeze and expand during cold weather, both of which lead to cracking. Lastly, age also plays a role in driveway cracking because over time even properly installed asphalt will lose its flexibility and become more prone to cracking.

Chip Seal Services in Fredericksburg, TX

Chip seal services in Fredericksburg, TX offer an effective way to repair existing driveways as well as protect them from future damage caused by extreme temperatures and UV exposure. Chip sealing involves applying a layer of tar with embedded stones on top of your existing driveway surface. This combination helps provide superior protection against moisture penetration while also improving traction on wet surfaces. Additionally, chip sealing helps restore flexibility to older driveways while providing a fresh look at an affordable price.



When it comes to protecting your driveway from cracking or repairing existing cracks, chip seal services in Fredericksburg, TX are an ideal way to go about it. By understanding why driveways crack and taking proactive measures such as chip sealing your asphalt surface every few years, you can keep your home looking sharp for many years to come! Contact C. Brooks Paving today for a free estimate on their chip seal services!

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